Vergouwen Media

 A small digital marketing company with a focus on SEO, content marketing and digital product development


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Optimizing your performance on search engines by combining on-page SEO with off-page and technical search engine optimization.


Writing content and copy for the web that leads to more website traffic and engagement.

Product development

Developing digital products and starter sites for aquisition.

Supporting businesses online

Over the past three years, Vergouwen Media has supported companies in over 15 different countries, including the UK, US, India, the Middle-East, as well as various European countries.

Please check out our results page as well as our blog to see what kinds of results we’ve managed to achieve for our clients.


Due to most of the work being done solely by me, with the help of some freelancers in supporting roles, I’ve decided to move my operations to my personal website. Even so, any product development work being done will continue to be documented and offered for sale on Vergouwen Media’s origional website, instead of Bram V’s freelance website.

 If you have any questions while navigating this site, please send me a message on my personal site!

Search covers both paid and organic search traffic, across various search engines. Although SEO is where we add the most value to clients, growing their search traffic by as much as 400% within 6 months, paid search campaigns are also an option.



Content includes both content writing and copywriting. The main difference being that content writing focuses more on things like eLearning and blogs, whereas copywriting focuses on getting the reader to take action on something, be it subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product.

Our product development focuses on internally coming up with and developing ideas for digital assets. This can be something as small as a WordPress blog to large hardcoded platforms set to disrupt an industry, 

After development and launch, these products will be up for sale both on our website as well as on external platforms.


Focused on adding value

Vergouwen Media focuses on adding value in the marketplace, be it through digital marketing service or internal product development.