The marketing services we offer, including SEO management, SEO consulting, digital marketing audits, content writing and copy writing are moving permanently. These services will no longer actively be offered here on but over on, or on for Dutch/Belgian companies.

Since starting Vergouwen Media in 2018, the services have been outsourced less and less and a switch has been made to freelancing. It’s for this reason the switch is being made to my personal site. will continue to operate, but focus will switch to solely the product development aspects since this is still something a lot of third parties are involved in. We hope to launch our first digital platform at the start of 2021, as well as continue growing the blogs we currently manage. Services related to product development will still be offered here on this site, it is solely the other marketing services I personally offer that will be moving.

Should you have any questions regarding this switch, feel free to reach out to me. More information on how to do this is provided on the contact page of this website.